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      Tasha Lansbury

      Inspired Mind Designs is a company dedicated to creating uplifting mindfulness products; tool card decks, gratitude cards and coasters, guided  journals, greeting cards and patterns.  All designed to life you up, calm you down, keep you centered and feeling good!

      Artist Tasha Lansbury is also a psychotherapist who has thirty years of knowledge and experience using and practicing mindfulness exercises.  She developed the first deck of mindfulness cards for her clients who were struggling with anxiety and general life issues.  Other therapists, teachers and individuals began asking for the cards for themselves, their clients and students.  Thus inadvertently, the business began.  

      Do more of what you love and less of what you don’t!

      Being a perpetual student, Tasha taught herself illustrator, and in the process, stumbled upon the career of a surface pattern designer. The clouds opened up and angels cheered. Art and design became a passion and joy in Tasha’s life. 

      At present, Tasha devotes the majority of her time playing with Inspired Mind Designs. She maintains a small psychotherapy practice teaching mindfulness. She happily lives in Vermont with her husband, one son at college and one son home and with her beloved dog Sugar.